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Lush LIfe Gardening Owner Ellen ReznickI knew I loved plants when I purchased my first potted rubber tree and  named it Monty. I traveled cross country with Monty after graduating from college and took care of him for many years. Experimenting with collected seeds, cuttings,  and purchases, my family of house plants grew. My apartment became a laboratory of propagation as collected seeds grew into flowering tropical plants, cuttings became fruit bearing trees and grow lights became part of the decor.  I became a member of a community garden in the late 90’s and could finally take my love outdoors. I learned the art of garden design and the science of proper plant selection for a particular site through much trial and error.  In 2003 I decided to extend my knowledge of horticulture and gardening and I registered for the Horticulture Certificate program at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. I received my certificate two years later and shortly after graduating I started Lush Life Gardening, my garden design , installation and maintenance business. My passion has expanded over the years and my knowledge along with that passion. I particularly enjoy and excel at  selecting the plants for gardens and planters always combining interesting textures and colors.

About lushlifegardening

Owner and Founder of Lush Life Gardening!
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